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Compare Realtors VS. Off-market Cash Buyers

When you need to sell your house, it’s a good idea to take a look at all of your options and determine which one will help you make it through the process in the easiest way – and that doesn’t always translate to “more money in your pocket.”

In fact, the methods that get you the most money are often the most stressful and time-consuming. That may be okay with you, or your time may be of the essence.

If you fall into the latter category, then consider these differences between listing with a traditional agent and selling to Home Flippers for cash.

Listing with a Local Real Estate Agent vs. Selling to Home Flippers

Compare listing your house with real estate agent vs home cash buyer
Listing with a Local Realtor Selling to Home Flippers
Commissions and Fees: At least 6%, to be split between the seller’s and buyer’s agents. No commissions or fees of any kind
Cost of repairs: Can be extremely pricey None, We Buy As-Is
Inspection: A surprising percentage (15-20%) of sales fall through None, We don’t require this step
Financing issues: Buyers experience delays or roadblocks securing financing None, We’ll make a cash offer
Appraisal Required: A Property Sale is often subject to appraisal results None, We offer you an immediate cash
Time on the market: 60 - 90 Days or Longer None, Receive a cash offer on the spot
Number of Showings: Multiple, It Depends None, or 1 (Our Acquisition Manager)
Closing date: The closing date is often 30 to 60 days Flexible – What works for you

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    What Makes Home Flippers a Great Choice for Selling Your House Fast?

    • Commissions and fees: When you hire an agent to handle your home sale for you, you’ll pay them at least 6%, to be split between the seller’s and buyer’s agents. When you sell to Home Flippers, there are no commissions or fees of any kind, including closing costs. All of the proceeds from your sale will be yours.

    • Cost of repairs: Usually, when you sell a home, one of the first things you’ll have to do is complete any upgrades and repairs the property needs – and these can be extremely pricey. We don’t require you to perform any repairs at all; instead, we’ll buy your house exactly as it is right now.

    • Inspection: Did you know that a surprising percentage of sales fall through once the potential buyers see the inspection report? Most homes have many issues – some minor and some major – that the homeowners aren’t even aware of. You won’t have to worry about this when you sell to us – we don’t require this step.

    • Financing issues: Another issue that can make a home sale fall through is when the buyers experience delays or roadblocks securing financing. This won’t be a problem when you work with Home Flippers because we’ll make a cash offer on the spot – no waiting for loan approval.

    • Appraisal: The sale of a home or other property is often subject to appraisal results. Again, we’ll make you an immediate cash offer on your home. That means that you won’t have to schedule an appraisal or wait to hear what someone else says your house is worth – and whether that means your sale might fall through at the last minute.

    • Time on the market: Selling a house can easily take a period of months or more. Especially when the market is slow, it may seem all but impossible to get someone to make an offer on your house, and when they do, it may not be for the amount you were hoping to get. Once you decide to work with us and we view your property, you’ll receive a cash offer on the spot, making it the fastest way to sell your house.

    • Showings: Depending on several different factors, you’ll have to deal with some number of showings when you work with an agent – and that might mean few or many showings. You’ll have to plan your life around these showings, keeping your home immaculately clean and making sure everyone is out during each scheduled showing. With Home Flippers, you’ll have just one showing – us.

    • Closing date: Even in a seller’s market, when you receive a wealth of offers and choose one quickly, it still takes time for the deal to go through, and delays are common. Once you have an offer on your home, the closing date is often still 30 to 60 days away or even more. We offer you the freedom to choose the closing date that works for you – yes, it’s that simple.

    See What We’re All About – Receive Your Fair Cash Offer Now

    When you consider all the above differences between real estate agents and cash buyers, it’s easy to see that money is far from the only consideration. You might be able to get a higher price for your home if you go another route, but if speed and convenience are the most important factors to you right now, then we’re here to help. Many of our clients choose us because:

    You can have cash in your hand in as little as seven days. That’s right – from the moment we make you an offer, it can take as little as seven days to close the deal. If you need to get rid of your property in a hurry, there’s no better way to do it. No more mortgage payments, tax or insurance payments, or utility payments – you’ll be completely free and ready to move on with your life in no time.

    You won’t have to clean, repair, or upgrade anything. We don’t care how clean or dirty your house is (trust us, we’ve seen it all) or what kind of repairs it needs. We love projects and are prepared to make you a cash offer on your house exactly the way it is right now, with no improvements. And forget cleaning your house over and over for every showing – there’s no need when you choose Home Flippers.

    You won’t have to pay closing costs – or anything else. Closing costs can eat up a big chunk of your proceeds when you sell the conventional way. The offer we make is the amount you’ll put in your pocket (minus any encumbrances on the property, such as a mortgage payoff, of course). When you add up the money you can save using a cash buyer, the difference in your profits with an agent vs. a cash seller might not be that large after all.

    It’s easy to find out what your cash offer is and how fast you can be out from under your house, and there’s no risk to you. Our process is simple and fast, and you can close on a day that works for you. We won’t pressure you and there are no obligations, so get in touch today and see for yourself how stress-free selling a house can be.

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    Why Choose House Cash Buyer over realtor?

    Working with Home Flippers has some distinct advantages over selling through a real estate agent. We are not real estate agents; we are off-market buyers who buy houses for cash fast.


    Some of the benefits of working with us are:

    • Fast closings. We can often close in as little as seven days because our purchase does not depend on approved financing, home inspections, or appraised values.
    • Selling “as is.” We buy homes in any condition, so you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or upgrades that would typically be required.
    • No need to move before selling. Your house won’t need to be “kept “show ready” for months while you live somewhere else, shouldering the cost of  monthly payments.
    • Avoid contingency clauses. House contracts are notorious for “back out” clauses that protect buyers but not sellers. With Home Flippers, you won’t have to worry about the sale falling through at the last minute.

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