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Covid-19 Update: We Are Now Buying Properties in Ontario (AS-IS) Virtually, Over the Phone. No Showings or Home Visits Necessary!


When working with a real estate investor for the first time, most people have some questions about the process and how it works. See below for answers to some of the questions we hear most often, and feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns we can help answer.

When you work with a real estate agent, they will list your house in the hope that someone will purchase it. This process can be long and stressful, and it will also cost you a chunk of what you make on the house (agents typically charge three to six percent of the sale price). Home Flippers is a real estate investment company, which means that we buy your house ourselves. We won’t list your house and look for buyers; instead, we’ll buy directly from you with cash. This approach gives us the freedom to decide and complete the purchase quickly, sometimes in just a matter of days. We do this because we then repair or renovate the house and put it back on the market to find a buyer. It’s a win-win situation that gets you out from under your house fast and turns a profit for us.

Our process for determining what price to offer is a simple one. We’ll view your property and consider factors such as the location, the overall condition of the home, what repairs it needs, and the value of similar homes sold recently in the same area. Taking everything into account, we’ll come up with a fair price to offer you; you are then free to accept or decline our offer. We often buy homes below market value, and the incentive for the homeowner is that they don’t have to worry about cleaning, repairing, moving before they sell, or stressing over not having the time or money it takes to list a home the traditional way.

In a word, no. We do not charge you any fees at all at any point in the process. We do not charge you to visit your house or make you an offer. If you decide not to accept our offer, that’s okay – you still won’t owe us anything. We do not charge any commission the way real estate agents do, either. We’ll even cover the closing costs. You will not have to pay for repairs, upgrades, cleaning services, or anything else when you work with Home Flippers.

Absolutely not. You can tell us about your property, and we’ll come and look at it when it’s convenient for you. If we can buy your house, we’ll make you a fair cash offer. At that point, it’s entirely up to you to decide whether to accept our offer or not. We won’t pressure you, harass you, or hassle you – and we won’t charge you anything even if you don’t accept. You have nothing to lose by contacting us.

It largely depends on you. We can often close within days if you need to move fast – or we can wait until you’re ready. Most people come to us because they need to sell their homes as quickly as possible. Because we don’t need to wait for a bank loan approval, we can close fast and get you paid within days or weeks.

That’s okay! We can buy houses in any condition and join forces with homeowners in a wide variety of situations. Whether you are in or near foreclosure, can’t or don’t want to perform the repairs your house needs, have inherited a property you can’t afford to keep, need to move fast for work, or whatever your situation or the condition of your house, we can help.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have or to get started working with us right away to sell your house fast.

Why to sell your Home to an Investor?

Selling your home to an investor, such as Home Flippers will expedite the process—more often than not; you can bypass the regular inspections and expect closing in as few as seven days from the time the offer is made.

If you’re looking for cash-in-hand ASAP, selling your home to an investor may be the way to go.

Not only will you receive your money much faster than the traditional sales route, but you’ll never have to worry that your deal may fall through because your buyer has failed to secure financing.  We will buy your house or condo "as-is," saving you time, money, and a long series of headaches of renovating your home.

We buy properties as is, in any condition. Please reach out to us for a no-obligation chat.

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