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Sell your house fast in Peterborough

Should I Sell My House in Peterborough to Cash Buyers?

Deciding whether to sell your Peterborough house to cash buyers or go the traditional route is about considering more than which option brings a higher ‘top line’ sale. While it can seem that an investor offers you a lower price to sell your house when you compare it to listing with a real estate agent, yet at the end of the day you may end up with more money in your pocket and less stress in your life. From saving money on fees to no renovations and a quick sale, the various benefits of a cash sale may be the best solution for your situation.

Compare the Numbers

Whether you’re selling your first home, or you’ve been here before, you can quickly forget all those hidden fees that local agents include when selling your home. Those fees can put quite a dent in your final sale total when you consider that paying your agent a commission can be, on average, five percent of your sale price. On the other hand, while you may not receive an offer to the full retail value of your home with a cash buyer, you may end up better off in the long run.

Consider the Timeline

If you‘re thinking, ‘I want to sell my house now’, then working with your local agent may not be the best option. First, they will need to do an appraisal on your home, organize the paperwork for you to sign with them and then list your house. This process is before any potential buyers have even seen your property. You can then expect your home to be on the market for an average of three months. Meanwhile, a cash buyer can make a fair offer and close the deal within a week or at a time that suits you.

Think About Renovations

When your end goal is to ‘sell my house quickly’, spending months fixing up your property is not an ideal situation. Most cash buyers and investors will offer you a price for your Peterborough home ‘as-is’ without the need to rectify any issues. This benefit can prevent you from pouring more money into your home, save you time and alleviate the stress and headaches of getting everything finished within your time frame. You also avoid needing to pay and suffer the inconvenience of scrupulous home inspections.

Avoid the Paperwork

Selling to a cash buyer means that you won’t need to worry about paying any closing fees, and you can avoid the mass amounts of paperwork that come with using a local agent. Reputable companies that buy your house for cash will often manage the paperwork so you can enjoy the benefits of a quick and hassle-free sale.

Make a Decision

If selling your home to a cash buyer is the ideal solution for your situation, yet you are unsure how to start the process, then contact our friendly team. We will arrange an obligation-free appointment to evaluate your home and answer all your questions. Our team makes the process easy and hassle-free so you can move on quickly.

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