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learn how to sell your house privately

Do You Need Someone Who Knows How to Buy a Home for Cash?

Home Flippers Canada

We Pay Cash For Your House!

Sell Your Property In Any Condition

We Buy Houses AS-IS Quickly!

Home Flippers Canada

We Pay Cash For Your House!

Sell Your Property In Any Condition

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    Look no further. For it is exactly what our family business, Home Flippers, has been doing since 2016. Yet, what we do is not merely buying your home privately and giving you instant cash. We bring you much-desired solutions to your concerns. Those unpleasant thoughts keeping you awake at night, weighing a tonne on your shoulders. We know there are so many reasons why you might need to have instant cash in your hand. When you are the owner of your home, you are holding the solution to your concerns. We merely take you through the last steps of the process, namely selling it quickly and easily.



    Making You a Fair Offer

    Once you’ve contacted us, the process of selling your home for cash is easy. We’ll immediately set up an appointment to do a complete walk-through at your premises. During the meeting, you have all the time you want to ask us any questions. It also gives us the time to determine how much work it will take to get your house ready for the market again. We draft a list of expenses on our side and weigh it up against the reselling value of your home.

    We also consider the location whether it is in Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga or anywhere else in Southern Ontario; every area has a value attached to it. Considering all these factors, we can make you a fair offer within 24 hours from visiting the premises.

    An Obligation-Free Solution

    Our offer is entirely obligation-free, absolutely reasonable and above all, it is quick. You don’t have to wait for an interested buyer to approach your agent in the conventional real estate route. You don’t have to wait for their loan applications, or to start over again when the bank declines them. When we buy your home for cash, it means exactly what it says. In no time, you will have cash in your hand.

    The Freedom of Cash

    Once you accept our cash offer, a trusted attorney can draft the paperwork without delay. You will advise us on a date when the deal is final. It is the day on which we take ownership of your home, and you walk away with solutions to your concerns in the form of the freedom cash brings into your life. No more sleepless nights or worries about where you are going to get the funding to settle the mounting bills, to pay your children’s tuition fees, to take care of a loved one’s medical expenses, or to launch your new business.

    Our family loves to be able to help you and your family to enjoy the freedom of having cash in hand. We love to bring solutions to your life and to reduce the stress of financial concerns. At Home Flippers we care about you and your family. One simple click and your appointment is set to find the freedom which you deserve.


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